CONTINUUM Season 2 T.V. Series

Reunion Pictures
Exec Prod: Tom Rowe, Patrick Williams, Simon Barry
Producer: Holly Redford
Director: Patrick Williams-Block 1, Others TBA
DOP: David Pelletier, Michael Wale
PM: Tia Buhl
PC: Sarah Jane Harris
PD: Chris August
Transport Coord: Peter Gibson*
Constr Coord: Tom Hunt
Key Scenic Art: Billie-Jo Thomson
20 Brooksbank Avenue
North Vancouver, B.C. V7J 2B8
*Please contact office via e-mail
Prep: November 26, 2012
Shoot: January 16, 2013
Wrap: June 21, 2013
*written consent has been provided as per Article 7.01 of the Collective Agreement