An Update on the BC Motion Picture Industry COVID-19 Response Task Force.

Currently the film shut down in BC is completely voluntary, no order from Worksafe, or the health authority has been issued telling Producers to shut down. However, in order to return to operations productions must now have a COVID-19 response plan in place.


Crew should be aware:


In addition to the Worksafe guideline for return to operation, Creative BC has been facilitating the creation of a more comprehensive set of documents as a guideline for employers to use when creating a COVID-19 plan for the work place. This document will contain an overall guide for the entire industry, as well as recommendations tailored to specific departments and workplaces common to the motion picture industry. ACFC West will update the website with a link when this document is ready.


ACFC West will continue to review our signed producers return to work plans on an ongoing basis, and work to ensure the risk of infection to all crew is minimized.